My name is Katie, and I love bears.

I also love books, movies, TV, baseball, art, and Mindy Kaling.

I am currently reading my life away.
"Team Orlando"
- (via dea-noctis)


i wonder what it’s like to be so hot that people follow you just because you’re hot

ef-florescent said: Loser I hate you




ef-florescent is a giant d-bag pass it on

bella loves me more than dick pass it on

katie the only person bella loves more than dick is me stop spreading lies

How dare you.

"Some argue printed books & physical bookstores are obsolete. Yet both remain. When something is obsolete no one needs to argue the point."
- Joe Hill (via thatlitsite)
"my father smoked outside
because i had asthma.
my handwriting used to look
the same as his.
the older i get the more i look like him;
i wonder if i will be as strong."
- likeawritingdesk (via likeawritingdesk)